Thursday, November 25, 2010

Tuesday Press Conference – Part 3


Coach Mark Richt

On Chad Gloer:

Chad Gloer is a kid that was a walk-on, had high hopes, hopes of one day playing and hopes of one day earning a scholarship. He was able to accomplish both of those things. I’m really proud of his perseverance in that regard. He’s a hard worker, he’s tough. On the special teams he does make plays for us and he’s a big part of our special teams, but then he’s also out there practicing with the scout team all day long too and gives great effort in that regard, so were really proud of the job he’s done all throughout his career. He is going to represent our seniors at the coin toss, one of the four. Every senior we have will wear a C. They are all captains, but Chad deserved that right from the special teams play.

On whether the defense this year is better than a year ago:

That’s kind of a reflective question. Lets wait until the season is over and we will talk about those things.

Inside Linebacker #45 Christian Robinson

On the factor of the running game in the Georgia-Georgia Tech game last year and it’s importance for this year's game:

It's going to be about the line of scrimmage and if you can move the ball. That's football. At the same time, if you can get them off of the field that gets them out of their game on offense. If we run the ball on them it's just controlling the time of possession. Last year, that was a big deal for us. This year, if we can repeat that it would be great.

On the Georgia-Georgia Tech rivalry in general and this year in particular: 

It just feels different. I didn't understand my first year until we got out there, and it didn't go well for us. Then we had to spend a whole year of everybody talking about you and getting awards and stuff. I didn't understand how big a deal it really was until that first one, especially being on the losing end of it. It's huge. If you don't win this game, the next year is not fun. It wasn't fun for us in off-season training just hearing about it. We want to win this game, and we are going to do our best to win it. It's just as big as it's ever been, and there's a lot more on the line for us. They've already become bowl eligible, and we don't want to lose this game and we want to go to a bowl game. We are going to do everything we can to prevent them from beating us and keeping us out of a bowl game.

Defensive End #58 Demarcus Dobbs

On this year's senior class' legacy:

We had great people come out of our class. We've had great athletes make it to the next level already out of our class. But as far as legacy I wouldn't really be able to say right now.

On the importance of getting a win against Georgia Tech:

It would get us to a bowl game, hopefully. It would get us bowl eligible, and we would be finishing on a strong note. It's a forgettable season as you look at it, but it wouldn't be something to hang you head on if you did make it to a bowl game and you were able to jump start the season for next year with two back-to-back wins if we make it to a bowl game and win. It's a way to salvage the season and a way to move forward.

 Inside Linebacker #51 Akeem Dent

On facing Georgia Techs run game:

Run wise, especially we’ve done a good job. Of course there are going to be some breakdowns every once in a while because we’ve tweaked things defensively, but we’ve got our guys out there doing the best they can to play the best they can.

On the legacy left by this senior class:

This group of guys, they’re hard workers. They’ve gone out there on every snap and every down and just try to leave it all on the field.

On becoming bowl eligible:

It’s really important. Of course we don’t want to be that class and we don’t want to be remembered as that class. It’s really important to get that next win to get to the bowl game.

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