Thursday, November 4, 2010

Tuesday Press Conference – Part 3


Coach Mark Richt

On Georgia’s losses in close games:

We were kind of talking about it, and in the close games we’ve had some crucial turnovers, we know that. Our turnover ratio overall is actually pretty good. Were actually the second best in the league as far as penalties. We’ve kind of corrected some of our issues. But when we have had turnovers, they’ve been at crucial times and in crucial games that have been very close. That’s been part of it.

We’ve actually had a little bit of misfortune, because even though were not penalized that much, I guess the Mississippi State game we had a touchdown called back on a penalty. I think we had an interception called back on a penalty. We also had the fumble inside the five. Even though we haven’t had a lot of those things, they’ve been very untimely.

The Colorado turnover, how much more untimely can that get for you? There have been some of those that you can really remember. There are a bunch of little things along the way that maybe if you do them better, you don’t find yourself in that position. We certainly have had some times defensively where we’ve had guys just flat out of position, and a big play occurs because of it. It’s not like it’s over and over and over making you crazy, but all it takes is one or two and you are in trouble.

Those have been the main things. We’ve had ourselves in position in the Arkansas game and the Florida game to maybe come from behind, get in position to win, getting back in control of the game when maybe you were kind of chasing from behind. But getting in that moment of truth and not making the plays that need to be made to win, so that’s been a little bit of a factor too. Yeah, we’ve kind of done a laundry list of that. Those are the things we found.

DSC_6128On Jordan Love:

He’s done well. He’s gotten some work in our nickel package too. He’s getting some scrimmage downs, and he’s a guy who, of course, last year had a toe injury that caused him to redshirt, but also really didn’t allow him to practice. A lot of guys will redshirt, but they are on the scout team all year and they are running and changing direction and learning to play football. He didn’t get to do a lot of that, so spring was really the first time he got an opportunity to get to work. In some ways it’s a little bit like a true freshman year for him. He’s a guy who we think can get the job done physically. The more he learns and the more comfortable he gets and the more he can prove to Coach Scott Lakatos he really understands what to do and can do it physically, he’ll get more work as his career moves on. He’s a very intelligent guy who I think will play a lot of football for us before its over.

Christian Robinson

On what the defense needs to do this week against Idaho State:

We need to play Georgia football. We start by looking at what they have to offer. They have a great player in number 10, Tavoy Moore. That's all I see watching film is number 10 running everywhere. He's on special teams. He's everything to them. He's had a 100-yard kickoff return and a 98-yard kickoff return. He's really fast and has a lot of speed. When you play someone that fast, you can't just over power them. You have to chase them down. He's the Randall Cobb of their offense. He doesn't throw the ball, but he'll line up in the backfield. Stopping the playmakers will be a big thing for us this weekend.

On the team's response to the Florida game:

It was disappointing, but we took a lot of things from it. This team will fight to the end. It was sad in the locker room afterwards, but it was a good thing to see that everyone cared. It wasn't just a game that was over. It mattered to everybody, and we are taking that to the next game and making it the most important game right now.

Sanders Commings

On trying to scoop a fumble last Saturday against Florida rather than falling on the ball:

I kind of wish I would have just fell on the ball now. It would have given the offense great field position to score, but I guess all I can do is learn from it.

On parts of the game against Florida going the Gators’ way:

It's just football. A couple breaks went their way. As bad as it was for us, we were still in the game and could have won the game.

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