Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Tuesday Press Conference – Part 2


Coach Mark Richt

CSC_6367On Aaron Murray:

One thing about Aaron is he’s a great leader. A great leader is going to put it on himself and say, We didn’t win because of what I did. So you really have to admire that about him. Was it his best game? It was not, but he made a lot of great plays. I’m sure there were some that, like in any game, you’d like to have back. I was proud of his effort. When you watch a guy, a quarterback and if there is something that happens big early on like that pick the very first throw, it can send a guy into a really bad state of mind and you can just physically look at him and say this guy is shook. I never thought that happened in the game. I never thought he was shook up to the point where I was really nervous about having Mike Bobo call anything within our system. I think he handled the adversity pretty well. I’m sure hell learn from some of the things that happened. I think he’s had an outstanding first campaign as a quarterback, especially being a freshman. I think he’s doing very well.

On Orson Charles:

Orson does have a great skill set. Orson is very strong. He’s got good speed. He’s got really tremendous hands, strong hands. He can really snatch a ball like a receiver snatches a ball. Some tight ends, you feel like you better throw it right on his body or he’s not going to be able to get a ball, or he’s not going to be able to snatch a ball out of his body, but he can catch it just about anywhere. I’ve seen him dig it off the shoelace, I’ve seen him jump and turn. I’ve seen him do what receivers can do as far as catching the ball. He is an improved blocker, but I think he can get better as a blocker. I think it’s not a strength issue, it’s just a lot of times a footwork issue, sometimes just a fundamental issue. Were using him more and more, not so much out of box, but it’s not always lining up as that true tight end. We’ve flexed him out a little bit. Were starting to get a little bit more creative with what were doing with him, but he has a lot of ability and he loves football. He loves practice and he loves the game. I think that goes a long way too for him.

On the caliber of receivers in the SEC:

I would say just any given year you would think there would be a guy who could be a first rounder. There are NFL-caliber receivers in our league every year. Whether they are first rounder's or not, I don’t know how crucial that is, but I think there are always NFL-caliber receivers in our league. 

There are a good bit of them who are bigger and more physical. If they aren’t big and physical, they better be super fast and quick. I think we all know that a lot of these games do come down to a very physical nature, and it’s hard to get a guy who when you recruit him is 5-8, 155 pounds. You want big men to block as receivers, but you also want a guy who can take a shot. If a kid runs an under route or a slant and he’s running through the gauntlet and he gets whacked by some of these linebackers and safeties, they have to be able to hold up. You want guys who are physically big enough to handle it. Like I said, if its a smaller guy, he better be really, really fast and quick.

On whether Kris Durham’s injury is a one-game issue:

Historically it has been. We’ve had other guys with the same issue, and they’ve missed usually a game. If it was an open date, they might not miss anything. We think if it heals like most guys, he’ll be able to play at Auburn. We were saying questionable (for Idaho State), but I would say after todays meeting it doesn’t look like he’ll play.

Aaron Murray

DSC_6361On placing the Florida game behind him:

It was definitely an emotional game and an emotional loss but you can’t dwell on it too long. There’s still three games left in the year, working on four, and our goal is to go 4-0 the rest of the year. You have to learn from it and, like I said, we’ve still got a lot of work to go to keep getting better.

On getting over the interception that he threw in overtime:

It’s been tough to move on from that throw but you have to move on from it. It’s football. It happens. You just have to learn from it. Hopefully I’ll be put in that same situation again, I’ll learn from it and not make the same decision that I made that time. You just have to learn from your mistakes and keep getting better.

On potentially getting the chance to win in a comeback fashion in the final three games:

It definitely would be nice to finish off a game. We’ve come back from games, but haven’t had that comeback victory yet. We’ve either won pretty good or lost when it’s really close where we’ve had a chance to win. If you go back, I feel like if we change four or five plays this year, ten at the most, then we’d have a completely different season from this. We haven’t been blown out of one game. Every game we’ve been right in there and we feel that we’ve had the chance to win every game this year. It just hasn’t happened that way. You just have to learn from your mistakes and keep getting better and I feel like we have a lot better team that we did week two, week three, week four. We’ve got a much better team, but we have to keep getting better because there are three games left in the year and you want to win all of those games.

Kris Durham

DSC_0323On the play of Tavarres King:

Tavarres has done a lot of good things. He’s made a lot of big plays for us this year. He’s done a lot of productive things when he’s had the opportunity. He’s one of those guys that’s going to work hard, he’s going to get in there and do what he’s supposed to do. He’ll get in there and watch film, try to get better and listen to what the coaches say. I feel like given whatever opportunities were able to give him, he’s going to take advantage of it.

On his health after coming out last game:

I’m fine. I don’t hurt or anything. I felt fine. It doesn’t really hurt me to breathe or anything. I’ll still continue to play. I could feel the hit coming and I tried to brace myself as much as I could but I had my arms in there air from catching the ball so I was exposed.

On the prospects of him playing in the NFL:

I hope so. That’s my goal, to play at the next level. I feel like I’ve taken advantage of the opportunities that I’ve been given but I’m not focused on that right now. I’m focused on trying to do what we can the rest of the season and focused on getting better as a team, rather than just as an individual.

Tavarres King

DSC_5993On what its like playing against an FCS school like Idaho State:

It’s fun. It’s going to be a fun game. I’m still going to get the chance to do what I love to do, which is play football. It’ll be interesting and I’ll get the chance to meet some new people. Meet the guys on the other side of the ball.

On getting to meet the players on other teams:

I talk a lot so when I line up, I get my scouting report. I learn the DB’s names and if I’m around them, I say What’s up or something like that. I let them know that I know who they are, so I talk a little bit.

On choosing Georgia as a wide receiver even with the SEC’s reputation for great defenses:

I’m not sure. When I was getting recruited, I thought more about what a tough conference this was and how competitive this conference was. Second, I thought about how many great Georgia receivers have gone on to play in the League. There’s just so many guys like Reggie Brown, Fred Gibson, Hines Ward, Mohammed Massaquoi, that come to mind. I thought about Georgia’s production of putting receivers in the League. I’m sure that that’s in the mind of some guys.

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