Monday, November 15, 2010

I Want My Vote Back


As a member of the Football Writers Association of America, I had the privilege to vote for the All America Team and I cast a vote for Auburn defensive tackle Nick Fairley last week. Of course this was before the Georgia – Auburn game on Saturday afternoon.

After viewing the replay and seeing Nick Fairley in action, I want my vote back.

Fairley is an above average athlete, his talent makes him capable of playing in the NFL for a long time but he is a cheap shot artist that doesn’t deserve any recognition for his efforts.

The spearing of quarterback Aaron Murray drew a flag and should have earned him an ejection. This play in the NFL would have cost him at least $75,000 in fines.


This is exactly the type of play that the SEC has been trying to stop. It is now up to them to step up and show that they are serious about the issue. Suspend Fairley for the Iron Bowl and warn him that another spearing incident will jeopardize his ability to play in the conference.

Auburn was clearly the better team and would have won the game regardless of Fairley’s actions. Coach Gene Chizik and the Auburn athletic department have plenty of issues to deal with in the coming weeks but allowing this type of play has already cost them a tremendous amount of respect. 

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