Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Tuesday Press Conference – Part 2


Coach Mark Richt

On whether he is comfortable Aaron Murray will play Saturday:

If you are asking me do I think he is going to play, I think he is going to play. It’s still not 100 percent certain that he is going to play, but he practiced well yesterday. He wasn’t very sore if any. There wasn’t a lot of soreness from yesterday’s practice to today. At the rate he is going and his mentality right now, I think he has every intention of playing, and were pretty sure he’ll play. We hope there is not a setback. I don’t foresee one. We will be in pads today, and somebody could run into him on accident, but we don’t want them to. The next two days well gear it down even more so he shouldn’t have a setback. 

DSC_1592On how much more comfortable he is with Hutson Mason compared to at the beginning of the season:

A lot more comfortable now. We did give Logan Gray a couple of snaps, but it wasn’t to be the starter if something happened to Aaron or be the first guy in the game. But if Aaron couldn’t play and you’ve got Hutson, then Logan would’ve been the next guy in the game, so we wanted to get him a little bit of work for that reason. But Hutson, he’s had so much meeting time and practice reps that were comfortable with him being able to run our offense.

On continuing to run the ball against Georgia Tech in the game last year:

It went very well, we were scoring points, we had a lead. We felt like that was the way to continue to go throughout that ballgame considering the fact that we had the lead and we were having success doing it. Well be ready to do both.

On Kris Durham and his chances to play in the NFL:

I think he can. I think a lot of the scouts have taken notice. They like what they see. Of course earlier in the year he had a little bigger role in that when A.J. Green wasn’t there he kind of became the go-to guy and responded well and made a lot of plays. They like his range and like the fact that he’s tall and can make plays. He’s never had trouble getting by people. He’s never had trouble getting open deep. As Aaron was kind of feeling his way around, Durham was running by people and Aaron was getting it to him, but if he could have hit him on the dead run a couple of times, who knows how many touchdown passes he would have. I think Kris has an excellent opportunity.

On Washaun Ealey and Caleb King this season:

I think that they did a good job, but I think they could do a better job. I think overall they had a pretty good season, but they could do better. Hopefully Saturday they’ll do extremely well.

DSC_0323Wide Receiver #16 Kris Durham

On not having classes this week during Thanksgiving break:

I'm kind of accustomed to it. I've got two online classes and one normal class on Tuesday and Thursdays, so I'm kind of used to this schedule. I usually get up and get my day started. That's how I am. I'm more of a morning person. I guess that's why teaching is a good profession for me.

On if he plans to be a teacher and a coach:

That's the game plan for when I get through with football at whatever time that will be. Hopefully, I've got a few more years left. But that is the ultimate goal.

On finishing up school:

I graduated last may, but I'm not going to finish up graduate school just yet. I'm going to pursue a football career, and after that, I'll finish up grad school. It was something my parents always preached to me to finish your education, so that's why I always wanted a Master's degree, so that's something I'll shoot for after my playing days.

On what convinced him that he does have a future with football after his collegiate eligibility is complete:

I always believed that I had the ability, but with the opportunities I've been given I've taken advantage of them and I do believe I have a future in football. I'm going to pursue that, and I'm going to give it everything I've got and see how it works out. If it doesn’t work out the way I want it to then I still have a lot of goals and different aspirations in my life, and teaching and coaching, that is one of them. I'll still be a successful person in my eyes.

DSC_1101Fullback #49 Shaun Chapas

On the victory over Georgia Tech last year:

It was a good day. It was pretty fun. Its something that were working hard this week to try to have success like that again.

On the running game this season:

We had set some pretty high expectations for ourselves coming into the season. I think it’d be fair to say that we haven’t met those on an every single game basis.

On being able to finish the season with a win:

I mean, its a huge game for us finishing out the season. We want to finish strong, finish with a win and get bowl eligible. I’ve been to a bowl every year since I’ve been here and I want to keep that going.

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