Thursday, September 9, 2010

Weekly Press Conference – Part 3


Coach Mark Richt:

On Carlton Thomas:

DSC_0416“Carlton did very well. The things that Carlton has always done well is run the ball and keep his balance like you saw. He’s very tough to knock off his feet and a good extra-effort runner. He has good quickness and good vision. He can run inside as well as outside. He did struggle a year ago in pass protecting and in ball security.

He pass-protected actually very well (last Saturday). He was very tenacious. He did a super job there, so we gained confidence in his ability to do that. One time down on the goal line as he was trying to dive over the pile, the ball did come out. We didn’t like that, but it was considered not to be a fumble, but we don’t like the ball out no matter what.

All through camp there were a lot of times where he could have coughed it up and he didn’t. So we’re gaining confidence in his ability to hold on to the ball. I think he deserves to play, but if you have three or four guys who deserve to play, it’s hard to get them all in there. To try to say today how much work he will get would be tough to do.”

On how another week of practice will help the continuity of the offensive line:

“I hope it helps them a lot. Not that they were poor by any means, but I still think we will be sharper than we were Saturday as the season progresses. I’m real confident in that because I’ve seen them be sharper than that. I think it will help.”DSC_0509

On Georgia s defense:

“I was just glad to see them get after it. I’m glad that they gained confidence. I’m glad in some sense that there was a little mental error that happened that didn’t cost us the game but you can also teach from it. Not only to (Bacarri) Rambo, but everybody. One mistake and a team could score. That was probably good to have that point driven home for everybody.

I think the plan was good. It was sound. They played fast, they did what I asked them. I said you play fast, you play physical and you play disciplined, and they did. There were no penalties. There were a couple of sideline runs where we had the chance to blast the guy right there and it was close whether it was sideline or not, and we pulled off.

A couple of times blitzing through there, we came through clean and had a chance to take a shot at the QB and might have bumped the QB, but had the body language of trying not to hit the QB. I think that helps. I think we played physical without playing stupid. We have to keep it going.”

On whether the Georgia players who were serving suspensions last week will play this week:

“If they behave.”

Fullback Fred Munzenmaier

DSC_0130 On limiting turnovers:

“Turnovers is something we’ve been focusing on because obviously we didn’t have a good turnover ratio last year. With a game that’ll be as close as this one coming up, we can’t afford to have many turnovers.”

On Aaron Murray:

“I have full faith in Aaron because he’s obviously a very talented guy. You can see that just from the way he plays, but he’s smart too. He’s very smart and very sharp, and doesn’t just have natural ability but he also works very hard and stays in the film room to make sure he does what he has to do.”

On the 2007 South Carolina-Georgia game:

“It’s one of those things you think about [losing 16-12] and if you want a chance at a national championship you can’t lose those games in the SEC. It definitely hurt us that year. It was one we wish we could have had back, but that’s not how it works. This year we re just preparing and doing our very best because they’re a great football team.”

Inside Linebacker Akeem Dent

G-Day 2010 171_thumbOn the defensive performance against Louisiana-Lafayette:

"We went out on Saturday and we had a good showing. We got a little pressure on the quarterback, and we got a couple sacks and a couple turnovers. But that was last week, so we have go in this week and try to accomplish the same goals we did last week.

On defensive coordinator Todd Grantham's emotion during the game:

"After that I don't think we gave up too many big plays. It was just something that happened, and he brought that fire and that energy and he kind of gave it to us. It just made us want to go out and play harder."

On playing on the road at South Carolina:

"Basically, it's going to be a real hostile environment. I've played there before. There are a couple other guys and we've been to Columbia, but for the younger guys they'll be playing there for the first time. They just need to know it's going to be a hostile environment. They don't like us around there, and we are going to have to bring our 'A' game. There's no room for error."

Inside Linebacker Christian Robinson

On playing at South Carolina this weekend:

"I know how crazy those fans can be. They are definitely going to be loud for our offense. We know we are going there and we have a job to accomplish."

On if this game has more significance with his dad having played at South Carolina:

"For me personally not opponent wise - just the family connection. This is going to be my first time playing in that stadium. All the things I've seen on my dad's tape and watching that as a young boy and just finally getting a chance to maybe recreate those of my own it may be in a different jersey - but the same thing."

On which team his dad will be pulling for this weekend:

"You know it's been difficult. A lot of his friends have been calling him and asking 'what are you going to do?' I know he's always told me 'you re my son, I'm going to cheer for you,' and he does have those roots at Carolina. But when it comes down to it he's going to cheer for his son. When I was a redshirt, he was like 'I can cheer for Carolina because you're not playing,' but now I know he's going to be 100-percent behind me."

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