Thursday, September 16, 2010

Tuesday Press Conference – Part 3


Coach Mark Richt

DSC_0546 On Nick Williams not playing:

At this point, we felt like the other young men were ahead of him in how they performed in practice and scrimmages. Nick’s been doing a lot for us on specials and we hope to get him more involved. He by nature, I think, is a physical kid. He will strike you. He has to be disciplined in his approach to everything and he’ll get more playing time.

On whether Ken Malcome will redshirt:

We won’t know most of these answers until three or four games into the season, but right now our plan is not to play him.

On the status of Caleb King:

Caleb should practice this week and be fine.

On whether Shaun Chapas will play against Arkansas:

That’s more questionable right now.

DSC_0232 On Fred Munzenmaier:

He’s going to spend most of his time at fullback where he has been double-dutying it with the tailback position. He could play tailback in a pinch, but with Caleb fine, you have Washaun, Caleb and Carlton, hopefully that will be enough to be fine there.

Fred could go in there in a pinch if he needed to. For that matter, if we had a couple of injuries that we thought might be season-ending in a hurry, God forbid, then Kenny would play. Cam Allen is also going to be working at fullback too.

On whether the A.J. Green appeal has been heard yet:

No, I don’t think so. I asked that question and I don’t know if the person I asked knew 100 percent. They didn’t think I would be involved in that. I think it’s less known than I thought. I really thought today or tomorrow it could be done, but now I’m being told just hang loose. They’ll let us know when they let us know. (It was announced on Wednesday that the hearing is to be held Friday morning.)

On Justin Houston and Cornelius Washington:

Last ballgame, quite frankly they played defensive end most of the game. When we were in nickel, they mostly had their hand on the ground doing what they did their whole careers. That’s what they do in certain packages that we have.

Our base defense, which is the 3-4, actually we didn’t get into it a whole lot, the 3-4 part of it because of the personnel group that South Carolina stayed in the majority of the game.

As I observed them I think they are doing well. I think Houston has been more versatile as a rush guy and outside linebacker, and I think it is a little bit more of a transition for Cornelius, although he is getting it. Darryl Gamble, he ended up winning the SAM starting linebacker job over Cornelius because he is just more comfortable playing outside linebacker. Cornelius is getting there, but when it came to our nickel package, Cornelius was ahead of Darryl Gamble.

On Georgia players saying there was a lack of effort:

I think they don’t know what to say. They have to think of something. I don’t know if they really know what to say. They just know we didn’t do a very good job and that we have to get better. They are frustrated. When they get these things thrown at them, what is the right thing to say? We calculate loafs in a game, and there was not a game where we said we loafed. We did not see that on film. I don’t think there was a lack of effort.

If anything, a guy might have gotten tired from the heat and maybe not subbing as freely as we wanted to or should have in a couple of instances, but nothing real flagrant in that area. We got knocked back. That was the biggest problem, we got knocked back.

On if there will be any changes in Georgia’s practices:

We’ll emphasize certain things. We got knocked back, so we have to practice not getting knocked back. It will be a little more physical than a normal Tuesday especially with the scout team work.

Inside Linebacker Christian Robinson

DSC_0228 On the defense rebounding from losing to South Carolina:

We definitely had to look at ourselves and say what can we change. Some things are clearer than others like definitely stopping the run, but fundamentals is definitely an issue that people saw. If we fix the fundamentals and be disciplined, we have a chance in any game.

On Arkansas tight end D.J. Williams:

He's definitely big. Unlike most tight ends, he stands up a lot and he looks like another tackle. Sometimes when on film and you're looking at the sideline view you don't know if that's a tackle or a tight end, so he's got the capability of catching the ball and blocking really well too. That's what we've observed already, so he's definitely an asset to them.

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