Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Tuesday Press Conference – Part 2


Coach Mark Richt

DSC_0257 On the state of the Georgia program:

“The state of the program is that we are getting ready for Mississippi State. It’s early in the year. We are getting ready to play another Southeastern Conference game and try to get a victory in league play. Some teams have played one game in the league, some teams have played two. I don’t think anybody has played three games in the league, so just keep supporting and keep fighting and we will too.”

On whether being 0-2 in the SEC is a motivational factor:

“I don’t know if that’s that big of a deal or not. I know the guys are desperate for a victory, so that probably takes care of itself. I don’t think that I have to remind them that we are 0-2 right now. I don’t know if that will make a difference right now. Who knows what I might say the day before of the day of?”

On getting Georgia prepared for the game on Saturday:

“The biggest thing is no mater who you play and no matter what happened last week, I think when guys get close to the game Thursday and Friday they get excited about playing. I’ve never seen a team just not want to play on Saturday or you look at them and say these guys couldn’t care less. You do want to do some things that help them get emotional about the game. Whether it’s things you might say the night before the game or the day of the game, those types of things are what I’m talking about. Just trying to have them peak their emotional interest in the game at the right time, which is kickoff.”

On the physicality of both lines of scrimmage for Georgia:













“The South Carolina game, of course we weren’t too pleased with what happened on the defensive front or the offensive front for that matter. I think our lines played much better this past game. We only had one pass protection issue with a lineman as far as a missed assignment that hurt us. We had one time where both tackles got squeezed (above). It was the play where we were deep in our territory and Murray had the long run where he stepped up in the pocket and I think we were inside the 10, maybe inside the five when we snapped the ball. One time both tackles just got crushed into the quarterback and he had to step up. If they had protected well, we had a guy running in pretty good shape for a deep ball. If Murray would have put it in place, we would have had a heck of a play. Even though we had a nice run out of it, and a first down out of it, getting out of our territory, you still need to do that. Other than that, the protection was very solid. The run-blocking definitely improved. I thought the backs got a little bit better at getting more than what was blocked for, but you still have tight ends that have to keep getting better and fullbacks too. I think they improved.”

On what playing without A.J. Green does to the Georgia offense:

DSC_0016 “I’ve been refraining from making comments about that. I don’t want to sound like we have to have A.J. to win because we don’t. We should be able to win without A.J. He is a special player, no doubt. When he’s allowed to come back and play, we’ll talk a whole lot more about him. I would have to think if I was a defensive coordinator, I would play Georgia differently with him than without him. I would have a different plan, no doubt.”

On the importance of Caleb King’s return:

“I think it’s important. I think competition is important. I know Caleb, of the three, is the most solid pass-protecting back we have, and he’s an outstanding runner too. He’ll definitely help us. He’s a guy who has been a starter and has played a lot. The more guys you miss who have that kind of experience, the tougher it is on you. We probably could have used him in this last game a little bit.”

On Georgia’s running game and whether he has looked beyond the top three running backs:

“It has improved already, and I think it will continue to improve. Kenny Malcome, he actually had a concussion a week ago and he’s still not able to practice, so that’s not an option right this minute. If he was healthy, we would do with him like we do with a lot of young backs, just keep working and if they like they are ready to play like Washuan last year, we’ll keep working them and get in these inside drills and we give those guys reps and if they do well and they continue to learn what to do, then you put them in there.”

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