Sunday, September 5, 2010

New Dawg Pen

After dealing with all the construction problems getting into and out of the Hull Street parking deck, I have come to the conclusion that we may not be spending our money in the wisest possible way.

It seems to me that we could greatly enhance our student athletes lives and give ourselves a very distinct recruiting advantage if we would build a new jail.

My vision of this includes full size beds in a double size cell with a private bath and big screen televisions with all available satellite channels in high definition. Every conceivable video game that is interactive among not only those housed in the state of the art facility but with everyone in the Dawg Nation too.

An indoor practice facility would be much more practical here than it would for Butts-Mehre. A world class weight room is a given too.

There should be ample scooter parking and secure storage lockers for their helmets.

I’m sure that parents would appreciate the fact that we don’t condone the bad behavior of any student and our local law enforcement will make an example of a student athlete for anything spelling related or greater. But once they tour the new jail and see what we have to offer compared to anyone else in the conference, their fears of having a child incarcerated will be put to rest.

The bail bonding office could be relocated from it’s present location adjacent to the athletic directors office to the new jail where it could be utilized by the occasional non-student athlete and generate additional revenue. Tutors will be available for those not wishing to post bond and return to class.

This week we have to travel to Columbia, South Carolina and listen to that damn rooster crow……sure wish the new jail was finished.

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