Monday, September 20, 2010

How Important Is An Experienced QB?


Stats can often be misleading, but they can also be very revealing.

A friend on a message board took the time to research an interesting question, CPAdawg looked at UGA’s record under Mark Richt with a first year starter at quarterback and found an interesting trend.

During his 10 years, Richt has coached a first time starter at QB on four occasions. Those records are as follows:

2001 8-4  (David Greene)
2005 10-3  (D.J. Shockley)
2006 9-4  (Matthew Stafford)
2009 8-5  (Joe Cox)
2010 ???   (Aaron Murray)

2005 is an obvious exception because Shockley, a fifth year senior, was an exceptional kid who had played a lot in a backup role prior to starting. Not the case with any of the other years listed.

Now look at the years that we had a QB with at least one year under his belt.

2002 13-1  (David Greene)
2003 11-3  (David Greene)
2004 10-2  (David Greene)
2007 11-2  (Matthew Stafford)
2008 10-3  (Matthew Stafford)

Not making any excuses but just an interesting observation.

ESPN’s Chris Low asked an interesting question too.

What would Florida’s record be right now had the Gators played South Carolina on the road and Arkansas at home? What would LSU’s record be? What would Auburn’s record be?

Florida played Miami of Ohio, South Florida and Tennessee.

LSU played North Carolina, Vanderbilt and Mississippi State.

Auburn played Arkansas State then beat both Mississippi State and Clemson by 3.

The Dawg’s next five games are winnable starting with Mississippi State this Saturday night in Starkville, then Colorado, Tennessee, Vanderbilt and Kentucky. They could be 6-2 heading to Jacksonville.

Florida has Kentucky, Mississippi State and LSU at home and Alabama on the road before their annual off week prior to the Georgia game. A 6-1 Gator team against the Dawgs at 6-2 would be very interesting.

South Carolina has Auburn on the road this week and Alabama at home the following week with Arkansas and Florida back to back down the road.

A 6-2 record could very well win the East this year, it’s too early to throw in the towel just yet.

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