Thursday, September 30, 2010

Tuesday Press Conference – Part 3


Coach Mark Richt

On graduate assistant Nick Jones:

“Nick is really fantastic. Of course Nick played center for us and some guard during his day and he is a graduate assistant coach. He’s our on-the-field offensive coach. His main job right now is to get the scout team lined up and ready to try to simulate Colorado, and he is doing a great job of that. I enjoy watching him. He is confident in his ability in drill work, for example, he’ll coach the guy. He’ll talk about the technique. He’ll be quick to see what he’s doing right or what he’s doing wrong, and he’ll be quick to correct or quick to praise. He’ll do that verbally where a lot of times a young graduate assistant coach is a little bit nervous about doing that. He’s like, ‘Is this my role? Can I do this? Will coach Searels get mad at me?’ All those kinds of things, and Nick has just done a very good job. During camp, he’s had more of a chance to do that, but right now his main goal is just to try to get that scout team lined up and ready to go. I think he is going to be a tremendous field coach. He’ll be a great recruiter. He’s definitely what I’m looking for in a coach.”

“I’ll say this too because you mentioned one, when you look at Todd Hartley and Mitch Doolittle and what they did during the bowl game and you have Brad Hutcherson also, who was a student assistant with us all the way through. Now he’s an off-the-field graduate assistant, video guy. Those guys do an awesome job. It would be tough to do it without them.”

On things Georgia had not seen from Mississippi State on film:

“There were some formations that we hadn’t seen. Part of it was they were using a lot of three-receiver tight end stuff. They had some guys who were injured that we weren’t sure how injured they were. If you go by the film they were using those guys quite a bit but we didn’t know for sure if they would play or if they weren’t going to play. As it turned out they didn’t play an awful lot, so they used a different personnel grouping to do some of the same things they liked to do so it was a lot of very common threads but it wasn’t exactly the way we practiced it. It had to do with it being more of a two-back, three-receiver than a three-receiver, one-back and one tight end.”

#45 Linebacker Christian Robinson

On the morale of the team right now:

"We definitely realize that what has happened has happened. We are not happy with that. We don't want to accept that it happened, but at the same time we realize we have a great opportunity to move forward."

On Coach Mark Richt's use of a train analogy:

"He's said it before, and I know he said it last season when we went through some difficult times. It's easy for us to understand that. This team is a train. It's a big train. It's hard to get it moving early on, but once you get it going really fast it's easy to keep the momentum, it's easy to continue on the path you want to go to for your final destination."

#94 Nose Tackle DeAngelo Tyson

DSC_1958 On Georgia's 1-3 start to the 2010 season:

"Being one and three is a very upsetting feeling. I don't think anybody on the team right now has every started a season of playing football one and three, so it's very shocking that we are one and three because we've put in so much work during the summer and we work hard in practice each and every day. It's just very hard for us right now, but we're moving on. We're not going to ponder on the loss; we're just moving on to the next game against Colorado, which is a good team. We're just going to go out and practice and try and get better than last week."

On the team needing a spark:

"As a team, I think the spark would be us winning this game because the train hasn't moved yet, and we just need a little juice to make the train move. If we can pick up a win Saturday that will give us a spark and we can go from there."

#51 Linebacker Akeem Dent

On the progression of the defense:

"I feel like we've come along, but I feel like we still have a little way to go. We can always go out and keep improving on the things that we are doing fundamentally and in our overall game."

On SEC opponents scoring on their first possession against Georgia:

"As a defense, you don't want to give up any touchdown, but it is all part of the game. It's just something that we are going to have to go out and just play harder and fight harder."

On going to Colorado:

"It's going to be a nice trip. Right now, all everyone is talking about is the altitude and things like that. But I think it's something that we will be able to adapt to during the game."

On fan reaction towards the players following the 1-3 start:

"I think the fans are still behind us. I know, that they know, that they deserve more, and we deserve more as well. They are still behind us."

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