Saturday, August 4, 2012

Saturday Practice Report


With a light drizzle falling throughout most of the morning, the Georgia football team held its third preseason workout Saturday at the Woodruff Practice Fields.

The Dawgs put on shoulder pads for the first time, and held the walkthrough and flex portions of the practice in the indoor multi-purpose facility before going outdoors for the final two hours.

“Today I thought they did a really good job,” Richt said. “It started out with a little bit of rain and actually had a strike of lightning, so we were able go indoors for our walkthrough. With the rain we were dealing with quarterbacks having to throw a wet ball and receivers having to catch it and centers having to snap it. That’s usually an issue with the wet ball, and it didn’t affect them too badly.

“The fact that we’ve been practicing in the evenings because of exams and you turn around and do one in the morning there isn’t a lot of recovery time, so I think they were a little more tired and a little more fatigued, but they pushed through very well. The coaches did a great job of staying on them and the leadership of the team did a great job of keeping the tempo up.”

Richt also noted that the No. 1 units on both sides of the ball have been impressive in Georgia’s first three practices.

“There are so many things going on in practice and there are lot of reps and a lot of guys making plays on both sides of the ball,” Richt said. “The majority of the plays that the No. 1 defense is in on, they are really doing a great job, and the plays that the No. 1 offense is on the field, they are doing very well. You can see a big difference between the No. 2 units trying to get something accomplished. It’s great effort and so far I’m pleased with what’s going on.”

Richt also added that after a review of the incident involving Branden Smith in March, the senior cornerback will not serve a one-game suspension.

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