Friday, August 17, 2012

Friday Practice Report


After wrapping up the first week of fall semester classes, the Georgia football team held a 90-minute practice in full pads Friday as the Dawgs continue to close in on the season opener against Buffalo on September 1st.

“We had a very good practice today,” coach Mark Richt said. “We shortened it up a little bit and I thought the guys responded well. We did some live tackling as we felt like we needed to tackle a little more out in space. There was a lot of good energy today and a lot of good things happened. There were four interceptions and at least two others that should have been picked, so that’s a good sign for the defense when they are putting enough pressure on the quarterback to cause those types of throws.”

When asked after practice who has been a surprise during preseason camp, Richt said he has been impressed with sophomore center David Andrews.

“I think Andrews has had a good camp, and to me he has solidified that job,” Richt said. “We were trying to find the best combination of five offensive linemen, and we went into camp hoping he would be the guy. I think it’s the best combination for him to be the center, and he came through. I think he’s done a good job.”

Richt also added that he has been pleased with the Dawgs’ freshman class since the start of fall camp.

“I think the freshmen in general have done a nice job of competing,” Richt said. “They’ve competed well, and they seem to really care about their role on special teams. I think our veterans have done a good job of treating them like a little brother, helping them along and encouraging them. A lot of them have responded to the point where they are going to get some playing time.”

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