Sunday, July 24, 2011

Nike Pro Combat Uniform….?


Could one of these be the Nike Pro Combat uniform that the Dawgs will wear in the Dome?

UGA officials have been hesitant to say anything about the uniforms even though the players have already seen them and reportedly really liked what they saw.

Boise State will also have the Combat uniform for the game and they have not said if the jersey’s will be blue or white.

The fully integrated uniform system, which the University of Oregon debuted during the 2010 BCS National Championship Game, incorporates the latest in performance innovation and design from the world's most renowned athletic outfitter.

The redesigned base layer facilitates the uniform's overall innovation, delivering the ultimate in lightweight protection for maximum speed.

Strategically placed seams, pads and cooling zones also help minimize
distraction and optimize protective coverage.

The other option being mentioned is a red jersey with silver pants and a silver helmet similar to the picture below.


UGA would not confirm what color UGA will wear in the Dome, the official announcement on the uniform should come in mid August.

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