Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Uga VIII To Be Introduced Saturday


Uga VIII (1), Photo #B1CB71 Uga VIII, the latest in the legendary line of University of Georgia mascots, will be introduced to the Dawg Nation Saturday, Oct. 16, during pre-game ceremonies of the Georgia-Vanderbilt game in Sanford Stadium.

The pre-game “passing of the collar” from interim mascot, “Russ,” to Uga VIII will take place at mid-field in the presence of UGA President Dr. Michael F. Adams, Director of Athletics Greg McGarity, and members of the Frank W. “Sonny” Seiler family, long-time owners of the Dawg line of mascots.

Uga VIII’s registered name is “Big Bad Bruce” in honor of Dr. Bruce Hollett of the University’s School of Veterinary Medicine. Hollett has been instrumental in the care and treatment of the Dawg mascots over the years and will also be present for the Saturday ceremony.

Uga VIII is a white male English Bulldog born Sept. 12, 2009. He weighs 55 pounds and is the grandson of Uga VI.

“We had several puppies that were direct descendents from the Uga line to choose from,” said Seiler.  “We came to the conclusion that this dog had all the physical attributes that we look for in a Georgia mascot.  He is the grandson of Uga VI. He is only 13 months old.  He already weighs 55 lbs. and we think that he has an excellent head.  We made the choice based on experience and I’m confident the Dawg Nation will be pleased when he is introduced Saturday.”

“Uga VIII is one of the most storied mascots in the history of college athletics,” said McGarity. “He is the rallying point for the Dawg Nation. As our mascot he represents everything we want our student-athletes and fans to be…proud, loyal, tenacious, and relentless. We look forward to his long and successful reign and appreciate all the Seiler family has contributed to our mascot program for more than half a century.”

NOTE: Owned for more than 50 years by the Frank W. “Sonny” Seiler family of Savannah, there is no legend or tradition more revered than that of the incomparable Georgia mascot -- Uga. He’s recognized across the land by young and old and holds the undisputed title of the country’s number one college mascot. He represents the fighting spirit, the tenacity, and the pride of the Georgia people and the Dawg teams.

Photo by Danny White.

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