Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Tuesday Press Conference – Part 2


Coach Mark Richt

CSC_5319 On facing John Brantley and Trey Burton compared to Tim Tebow:

They are definitely very different in what they do and style. Most of the time when Burton gets in there, Brantley is still in the game. I guess it would be like a Wildcat type of situation. The thing about Burton, he’ll play receiver, he’ll play tight end, he’ll play fullback, he’ll play quarterback, he’ll play a lot of different positions. When he’s in there, normally Brantley has been in there also. So Brantley has moved to the wide receiver position a good bit, and Burton has been their quarterback. You’re not sure when they break the huddle who is going to be their quarterback. Sometimes it’s just a substitution, you put Burton in and put Brantley on the sideline, it’s a little easier to make a call. Now you’re not sure who is going to be the quarterback, you have to be able to make some adjustments as they break the huddle and you realize that Burton is the quarterback.

On whether Colorado is the only team that has tried single coverage with A.J. Green and whether Florida did a year ago:

Colorado is the only one from my best memory that they really didn’t change. I don’t know if Colorado changed a thing that they did. And I’m trying to think back to a year ago, I didn’t study that because there is a new defensive coordinator at Florida. I didn’t study a lot of that film, so I can’t sit here and say I can remember. But I don’t anticipate Florida doing a lot different from what they normally do. They may and we’ll always keep an eye on that, but their cornerbacks are very outstanding in coverage and they mix in a good bit of zone too. But I think Janoris Jenkins will be the guy who will match up. They usually do keep at least one high safety, and I want to see where he lines up and see if he is cheating to A.J.’s side of the field or not. We’ll keep an eye on that.

On Orson Charles:

He’s done well. His blocking is getting better. Most every opportunity he’s had to catch the ball he’s caught it. Last week we just didn’t throw it much at all, so the tight ends didn’t get much work. But I think he can make a tremendous impact on this game. It will be interesting just to see whether Florida plays a lot of man or a lot of zone and just exactly how they might play A.J., if they are going to do anything differently. Again, my guess is they probably won’t, but if they do it tends to open up opportunities for those guys. I think he’s going to have some chances to make some plays in this game for sure.

DSC_6043 On whether Washaun Ealey will start:

I don’t know. I didn’t talk to Coach Bryan McClendon or Bobo about it, but we’ll probably just wait to see how today goes. Today is going to be a very physical day and a day that guys can impress or maybe disappoint a coach as he is watching him prepare, so that has a lot to do with it too.

On the advantages and disadvantages of using two running backs:

I do think early in the year when its really hot, its hard for one guy to get the great majority of the carries in my opinion. I think its tougher when its 95 degrees and humid and you might have a long drive going or a long run and to expect that guy to carry it 25-30 times in that time of the year, I think its tough. I’d like to keep a couple of guys as fresh as possible. When the weather cools down, I think it does help a guy have a little more stamina. I think it helped Washaun in that ballgame. It was a pretty cool evening. I think it helped him. I know it will be warm Saturday, maybe not as warm as it could be. It looks like the weather may break to the high 70’s instead of the high 80’s, which is good I think for us. I still feel like if you have two guys who know what they are doing, they are going to run hard, they are going to be physical and pass-protect like they are supposed to, then you play them, so I’m sure well split it up. I didn’t mention Carlton Thomas, but Carlton has come in and played well too. So it wouldn’t be a surprised to see him. It’s hard to manage three guys, but there may come a time when three guys get a chance.

Redshirt freshman quarterback #11 Aaron Murray

DSC_6266 On TE Orson Charles dropping Florida’s national championship trophy during a visit to the school:

It was funny. He was embarrassed about what happened. I tell him that it’s a good thing now. I told him that if he went to Florida, it may be bad, but you go to Georgia. You’re worshiped for that here. I told him to take more advantage of being the kid who dropped the national championship trophy.

On Coach Urban Meyers response to Charles dropping the trophy:

I think Coach Meyer was like, You better commit here and come win us another one if you’re going to do that. I think that Coach Meyer was pretty cool about it. They had insurance on it so they just got another one.

On what lead Murray to Georgia rather than Florida during recruitment:

Both schools are great schools. They both have great teams and great coaches. There’s a lot of tradition in both places. In the end, it was just a gut feeling. In my heart, it just felt like Georgia was the place for me and that’s why I committed here. Like I said, it was just a gut feeling. When I came up here, I didn’t want to leave. I liked Florida, grew up there and went to a lot of games but like I said, it was just a gut feeling. I loved the coaches here. I loved the atmosphere. I loved everything about it.

Senior split end #16 Kris Durham

DSC_0323 On the feelings around the locker room during Florida week:

You understand the rivalry. You understand the history and the past but you still have to focus on the task at hand. It’s still an SEC game and it still has a lot of value to our season and our team. You just have to focus on this week and getting prepared for this game.

On the teams confidence in QB Aaron Murray:

His ability to take control and take control of the huddle. Just the way that he studies the game, he’s a student of the game and he gets in there and he takes command. He tells you that this is what he’s looking for and that this is what he wants, stuff that you only see out of a veteran quarterback.

On whether or not the team had bought into Murrays leadership before the season:

I believe so, because he was our guy. He’s our quarterback and he’s our leader. A lot of pressure goes on his shoulders and just his ability to deal with that and show that he’s out there ready to win and out there preparing to win gives you nothing but confidence.

Junior kicker #57 Blair Walsh

DSC_0191 On who he has coming to watch on Saturday in his home state:

My best friend is actually a University of Florida undergrad student right now. I’m making him come wear Georgia stuff and sit in the stands with my dad and watch the game.

On what the Georgia-Florida rivalry has meant to him:

It’s always meant something in that I always dreamed of playing in the game as a kid. I never thought that I would get to this point, football-wise, and I have. It's a dream come true to play in that stadium in front of that many people.

On whether or not there is extra pressure in this game after Georgia’s recent struggles with Florida:

I think that there’s a little extra pressure going into this game, but if you let it get to you or overhype it and get too excited for the game, you’re going to be negatively affected by it. We’ve just got to treat it like another game and just take care of business.

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