Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Tuesday Press Conference – Part 2


Coach Mark Richt

DSC_0023 On his assessment of Georgia’s offensive line play this season:

I would say not good enough at this point. From an offensive standpoint and a defensive standpoint and a special teams standpoint and a coaching standpoint, I’d say not good enough. I’d say across the board we just haven’t been good enough. There have been some bright spots, there have been some good things that have happened, but we just haven’t done it good enough as a team so I don’t really want to single out the O-line because they’re in the same boat everybody else is in, in my opinion.

On whether Caleb King will start at tailback:

We have not sat down and said who is going to start this week, but Caleb has certainly made a good case to be the starter. I’m not going to name him that right this minute. A little bit later in the week we’ll decide. We need to practice first and make decisions based on that. I do think that Caleb had one of his better ballgames and certainly no one is happy about the last play of the game, but there were some circumstances there. It wasn’t just your normal fumble in my opinion. It was right in the middle of an exchange. It’s really tough to know exactly what happened even on the TV copy.

On what Washaun Ealey needs to do to become more of a factor in Georgia’s offense:

I think he’s doing it. He ran with a lot of energy in the game. Even though he didn’t get as many reps as he would like to, he was in the game, he was excited. He practiced extremely well yesterday just as far as his energy level. I think he’s helped himself earn more time. I’m not saying he wouldn’t win the starting job either. I won’t rule that out either, but I do like the attitude that he had even though he didn’t get to play as much as he wanted to play. He had enough ball security issues that the other guys got the opportunity basically, but he’s still a good football player. The pass protection is important too.

Whoever plays the most has the most issues. The more you play, the more chance you have of succeeding, but also maybe not getting the job done. That doesn’t necessarily mean the other guy can do it better, so we’re looking at that. He’ll definitely play. I like what he’s been doing the last few days.

#11, QB Aaron Murray

DSC_0234 On practice in full pads yesterday:

I think it was great. Coach Richt really challenged us before practice that we were going to do something a little bit different and change it up. The guys really stepped up. If you are a true football player you enjoy competing. You don’t care that it’s two days after a game, you are ready to compete and put the pads back on. I feel like yesterday everyone was ready to compete and worked hard. We weren’t feeling sad about our record or anything. Everyone was flying around the ball and making plays. It was a very high-energy practice.

On his season so far:

I’m still making improvements. I have a lot that I need to work on. I miss things here and there, but my goal is just to keep getting better. I’m taking baby steps through the season, game in and game out, but I feel like I’m making strides. I want to just keep getting better, keep working and see what happens.

On individual vs. team performance:

The team’s performance is all that matters. I would trade all my stats for that. I would have 30 picks if it meant we were undefeated. Stats don’t mean anything the only thing that matters is the win-loss column, and that’s all we’re worried about. It’s not about how many touchdowns. I want to do whatever it takes for us to win, whether it’s rushing or passing or whatever so that we can get a W .

#48 FB Fred Munzenmaier

DSC_0232 On costly turnovers:

It’s been tough because of the area of the field that they’ve happened in, like sometimes right on the goal line. It stinks to lose the ball, and if anything it’s a huge momentum changer to be that close and have it taken away.

That takes consistency in practice and showing that it won’t happen. Our guys get a ton of reps in practice in those fast-paced situations and those things actually rarely happen in practice, so it’s unfortunate that it’s happened in games.

On the strength and conditioning aspect:

We work tremendously hard. There’s not a day that goes by that we’re not doing everything we can to be better. Our staff here makes sure that we’re constantly working and putting in the hours. I don’t think we ever feel that we’re overpowered by our opponent. You’re always going to have guys out there who are freaks of nature, but when we match up I’ve never been overpowered by anyone.

#16 SE Kris Durham

DSC_0230 On the mood of the team:

We’re trying to stay positive, trying to have a positive mentality, and get back to having fun. It’s never fun when you lose. We want to work hard on positive things happening for us. But the big thing is we have to finish games. We have to finish. We haven’t done that yet so that’s what we need to focus on and that comes from us.

On how A.J. Green’s play impacts the other players:

Unfortunately I haven’t been able to play with him in a year and a half, but it’s one of those things where he opens windows for other players because he’s such a special, impact player. Teams have to roll coverages his way, which opens up the running game, and opens up other receivers. He’s such a playmaker. You just can’t say enough.

#15, WR Marlon Brown

DSC_0326 On scoring his first touchdown last weekend at Colorado:

Huge. Exciting. I was just happy. I was just real happy I finally got one.

On what he heard from the crowd at Tennessee last year in addition to boos:

I heard a few comments here and there about my recruiting and wrong decision making but they are fans.

On how much more confident his is going into this year's Tennessee game compared to this point in the season last year:

Tons. Like a lot. Like from level one to level 10.

On what made him overcome the pressure to stay in state at Tennessee and decide to come to Georgia:

I just prayed about it, and when I woke up I was like 'I want to go to Georgia.' That's what happened.

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