Tuesday, August 24, 2021

McClendon & McIntosh Meet With Media

UGA Sports Communications

Redshirt Sophomore Warren McClendon and Junior Kenny McIntosh met with the media this evening and offered the following comments regarding practice and the upcoming 2021 season opener.

Warren McClendon, Redshirt Sophomore, Offensive Lineman

On Amarius Mims and Broderick Jones’ development…

“They have been working hard every day - they come in and they give it their all. The good thing about Coach Smart is that everybody gets reps so they are coming along well and getting their reps.”

On key for offensive line when developing chemistry…

“I would say the main thing with chemistry is just getting the reps and being there and going through the progression of every play. Our connection is really good in the offensive line room being with each other every day for hours.”

On Julian Rochester’s sixth season…

“With Julian being here for six years, that is leadership. He knows the ins and outs of everything and you can go to him and ask him questions and he will help you out. Having that leadership here has been great. “

Kenny McIntosh, Junior, Running Back

On how the defense has improved…

“The defense has been improving a lot throughout camp, tackling and everything, you know, just really doing what they have to do. Listening to Kirby, being very coachable, taking from the meeting to the field. All of that is adding up, and you can really see that on the field. They’ve really been increasing that and improving on that side of the game.”

On the depth at running back…

“I think it’s a blessing to have a lot of running-backs. It’s a lot of talent on the field on one team. It takes a lot of wear and tear off of each of our bodies, so all of us are getting opportunities to go out there and perform, and we love it.”

On what makes the running back group competitive…

“The most competitive, what I would say, is the mindset. Just going out there and being able to compete and having the mindset that this is our job to come out here, and we have to do what we have to do every single day. So, having that mindset is what I would say is most challenging.”

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