Thursday, August 26, 2021

Anderson & Podlensy Talk To Media

UGA Sports Communications

Senior Adam Anderson and junior Jack Podlesny met with the media this evening and offered the following comments regarding practice and the upcoming 2021 season opener.

Adam Anderson, Senior, Outside Linebacker

On his role on defense…

“When you come to the University of Georgia, they are going to teach you and put you in the best predicament of where you can play at. Honestly, I play from outside linebacker to putting my hand on the ground to coverage, when it comes to the star position. It just all depends on different game situations, but I’m more comfortable putting my hand on the ground because at the end of the day I just want to get after the quarterback.”

On his 40-yard dash time…

“I did run a 4.47. I feel like most people would be excited about that, but that’s not the approach I want to have. Honestly, the dream or goal that I’m really pushing for is to at least run a 4.30 and weigh around 250 pounds. That’s my goal and something that I’m still working on.”

On his pass coverage skills…

“The star position helped me in different aspects. It helped me basically learn how to open my hips. Even when I’m playing regular downs and have to play the Jack or Sam position and you have to guard certain running backs or tight ends half of the time. It teaches you how to slow down and not overrun them because when you’re playing the star you’re guarding the slot receiver, one of the fastest dudes on the team. Dealing with that and learning to play the star position has been one of the best opportunities to help me out.”

Jack Podlesny, Junior, Place Kicker

On what’s changed since the game-winner…

“You know, not really. I haven’t tried to let it affect me too much. I’m not trying to buy into the stardom that much and just trying to live my daily life like I did before.”

On coach Muschamp’s role with special teams…

“As coach Smart once said, he likes to leave us alone, and so does coach Muschamp. He brings a lot of fire and energy to the table for special teams as a whole and as a team, but as specialists alone he kind of lets us do our own thing. He gives us a little energy here and there and makes sure that we’re doing the right thing.”

On if he earned a scholarship…

“Yes, I did! It meant a lot. It was always a goal of mine once I got to UGA to work my butt off and someday get put on scholarship to pay for school. Now I’m here.”

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