Thursday, August 13, 2020

College Football Playoff Selection Committee Prepares for 2020-21 Season

The College Football Playoff (CFP) Selection Committee met virtually this week in preparation for the upcoming season.

“We don’t know right now what the season will bring, but as a committee, we are ready to use the protocol and the expertise of the 13 people who have been charged with selecting the teams,” said Gary Barta, Athletics Director at the University of Iowa who is beginning his first year as committee chair.

“The committee’s task is to rank the teams based on what happens on the field. This week gave us a great chance to catch up with the familiar faces and welcome our three new members to the process. If the board and management committee say we are having a CFP, we will be ready.”

The selection committee reviewed its weekly ranking announcements, went over its protocol and finalized its list of members who will be recused from voting or discussions regarding selected teams.

“This was the time when we normally review all aspects of the committee’s operation,” Barta said. “We accomplished a great deal even though we met by video conference. We will have another opportunity to review the procedures—particularly with the three new committee members—this fall.”

The final selection committee rankings of the 2020 season will be released on selection day, Sunday, December 20. The committee will also announce the matchups for the Playoff Semifinals at the Rose Bowl Game and Allstate Sugar Bowl, as well as the other New Year’s Six bowl pairings.

The selection committee recusal policy remains consistent with the first six years of the College Football Playoff, stating that “a recused member shall not participate in any votes involving the team from which the individual is recused.

“A recused member is permitted to answer only factual questions about the institution from which the member is recused but shall not be present during any deliberations regarding that team’s selection or seeding. Recused members shall not participate in discussions regarding the placement of the recused team into a bowl game.

“If a committee member or an immediate family member, e.g., spouse, sibling or child, (a) is compensated by a school, (b) provides professional services for a school, or (c) is on the coaching staff or administrative staff at a school or is a football student-athlete at a school, that member will be recused. Such compensation shall include not only direct employment, but also current paid consulting arrangements, deferred compensation (e.g., contract payments continuing after employment has ended, or other benefits. The committee will have the option to add other recusals if special circumstances arise.”

Recusals for the 2020-21 football season are as follows:

Team                                             Selection Committee Member

Arizona State*                               Paola Boivin and R.C. Slocum

Arkansas State                              Terry Mohajir

Colorado*                                      Rick George

Florida                                           Scott Stricklin

Georgia Tech                                  Todd Stansbury

Iowa*                                            Gary Barta

North Carolina State                       Ray Odierno

Oklahoma                                      Joe Castiglione

Texas A&M                                     R.C. Slocum

Wyoming*                                     Tom Burman

*Teams whose conferences have announced that they will not be playing football this fall.

Each member of the Selection Committee is traditionally slated to serve a three-year term. CFP executive director Bill Hancock announced that one additional year has been added to the term of Paola Boivin’s service. Boivin was originally scheduled to rotate off the committee following the 2021 championship. She will now remain a committee member through the 2022 championship.

Terms for the CFP Selection Committee members are now as follows:

Terms Expire February 2021 

Joe Castiglione 

Ken Hatfield 

Ronnie Lott 

Todd Stansbury 

Scott Stricklin

Terms Expire February 2022

Gary Barta

Paola Boivin

Terry Mohajir

Ray Odierno

R.C. Slocum 

Terms Expire February 2023

Tom Burman 

Rick George 

John Urschel 

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