Saturday, December 29, 2018

Ledbetter And Fromm Interview

UGA Sports Communications

Jonathan Ledbetter

On cornerback Deandre Baker decision to not play in the bowl game:

“I support my teammate 100 percent. He talked to us and he talked to his family. I’ve got to support him. He is just in a situation where he is really blessed right now and he is where he needs to be. I’m just happy that he talked to us about it and got our input and we support him.”

On the challenges of the secondary playing without Baker:

“The crazy thing about the secondary is you have to work as a unit, so it doesn’t matter who you put in that position. We have the athletes across the board to be successful. I think the communication is a factor and making sure everybody is on the same page when you’re in there. Our defense is scheme based so if you can fit into the scheme and communicate well and listen to the people in there with you then you will be fine. It will be a fun game.”

On missing the College Football Playoff and playing in the Sugar Bowl:

“I mean, this is the Sugar Bowl. I’ve never been in the Sugar Bowl and I’ve never been to New Orleans so I’m excited. I can’t speak for anyone else but myself, but I’m glad to be here. Just to have the opportunity to play in a bowl like this is special. It is special to Georgia and we want to finish off the season the right way.”

Jake Fromm

How ready are you to play Texas?

“We’re ready. Guys have gone to work. We’re excited to be here. It’s the Sugar Bowl. We’re here, we’re thankful to be here.”

What do you expect from Sam Ehlinger’s game?

“We don’t really end up watching too much of the opposing offense, but today on the bus ride to Atlanta they had the Oklahoma-Texas game up on TV, so I kind of got to watch a little bit of Sam and how they play on offense and they play really well so I’m excited to see what he’s going to do in the game and kind of just hope that he doesn’t score too many points.”

What should the legacy of this year’s team be?

“We’re going to come out and fight and if we win a big football game it might show that we could have possibly been in the final four.”

Are you tired of hearing can you get over losing to Alabama?

“That’s past us. We confronted that that night and the following day. The guys have put it behind us. I’ve put it behind me. We’re here now. You can’t change anything that’s happened in the past. We’re excited and ready to play.”

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