Sunday, December 30, 2018

Georgia Offensive Player Interviews

UGA Sports Communications

Jake Fromm

On the team’s attitude to get ready for the Sugar Bowl

“I think guys are starting to dial in and get focused on this football game. It is New Orleans. We have been here for a couple of days and seen the city. We are getting ready to go out and get ready to show what we can do.”

On freshman quarterback Justin Fields and potentially transferring

“First, I want to be a good teammate. So any way I can help him, I definitely am. He and I personally have not talked about it. That has been more with him. But right now, I think both of us are not really worried about that. We are worried about this football game and how we can make this team the best that that it could be.”

On transferring to get more playing time

“I think every situation is unique in its own. It is different for different people and different families depending on what is going on and how everything is being assessed. You cannot just say that because one person wants to leave and go somewhere else that another wants to stay. Which one is right and which one is wrong? You can’t do that. You can’t put everyone in a box. I think it is unique. Everyone is going to do them, and for us, the only thing we can do is respect their decision.”

On the Texas defense and how their play style will affect their game plan

“We are not going to change much of what we do. We are going to set the tone and run the football. We are going to throw the ball and take our shots, and we will have guys make plays. We really are not changing a whole lot. Understanding what they are going to do helps with a few concepts here and there. But we are going to come out and play our football game.”

On Oklahoma quarterback Kyler Murray and Alabama quarterback Tua Tagovailoa

“Those two guys balled out last night and played well for their teams. I thought they played good football. It was fun to watch.”

On playing in the Sugar Bowl as a lifetime Georgia fan

“I am extremely thankful and grateful. I am extremely blessed to be here, especially with these teammates. These are guys that I have worked extremely hard with. We have put a lot in together. It is a thankful moment, and I cannot wait to play one more with these boys.”

Terry Godwin

On his feelings about his final game as a senior

“It has been emotional but I know they must be pushed aside until after January 1. I am going to miss this group of guys and this organization. These past four years have been the best years of my life.”

On what type of legacy he wants to leave as a senior

“I want to leave behind one of the best Georgia football teams in history and leave a mark for the players to come.”

On what stands out about the Texas defense

“They have a lot of great athletes, are very physical, and do a great job at attacking the ball. We have to get out there and play Georgia ball.”

On if Texas resembles any SEC teams Georgia has played this year

“I would not compare them to any SEC team. I honestly would not compare them to any team we have played this year. They are fast, physical, and we will need to come out there ready to play.”

On the College Football Playoffs

“I think the committee put the best four teams in the playoffs. It is disappointing, but we have to concentrate on Georgia football and beating Texas.”

Elijah Holyfield

On the Texas defense

“They are a very athletic defense. Their secondary players tackle very well. They are a really fast defense, and I think they will be a good challenge for us. I am really excited for it.”

On fellow running back D’Andre Swift

“It is fun to play with a guy who is just as good as you and can do stuff you cannot do. You learn a lot from a guy like that. I try to figure out how I can get better from him. I think we complement each other really well.”

On being part of a running back by committee offense

“I feel like when you have two great backs, you have to play them both. It also allows each player to be able to play longer since you are splitting touches. I personally think it has helped me.”

On the outlook of the team for next year

Jake Fromm is going to improve even more, and next year he will be even better. Same thing with D’Andre Swift and same thing with me. We are all going to be very deadly next year.”

D’Andre Swift

On watching the College Football Playoffs

“It was good watching games, but we’re focused on Texas.”

On if Georgia was one of the best four teams in the nation

“Most definitely.”

On if he has faith in the Georgia offensive line

“Against anybody.”

On the Sugar Bowl experience

“It’s cool now, been able to have some fun. But as the days keep going, it is time to focus, we got a game to play.”

On what Georgia can prove in this game

“We don’t need to prove anything. Just keep doing what we are doing. People saw how we played last game. I do not think we need to prove anything. Just keep playing Georgia football. Everything will take care of itself.”

On what stands out about the Texas defense

“The d-line is real fast. They got the slant. They are pretty solid everywhere - defensive backs, safeties, tackle real well. Linebackers are fast.”

On his improvements this year from last year

“I think I am a more complete back. It comes with experience, playing more, understanding the system I am in more... just being more of a complete back.”

On what he wants to work on going into next year

“Get stronger, work on my pass game. I could always get better at that. Get faster, speed training, stuff like that.”

Andrew Thomas

On what changed after the LSU game and what fostered the turnaround from that point

“It was similar to last year when we lost to Auburn. As a team, we just changed our mindset and we had the room for error where we wanted it to be. So, we had our bye week, put in a lot of work to get better and be better.”

On the College Football Playoffs

“I watched the Bowl game yesterday. We were watching at the bowling alley. That game doesn’t have much to do with us so our focus is on Texas right now.”

On the Clemson-Notre Dame game in the College Football Playoffs

“Yes I saw somebody tweet something there. Guys are I guess not too happy with our position right now but we’re playing a great team and we have to get ready for Texas.”

On if it bothers the players to be asked ‘Will you be motivated for this game?’

“No. I really don’t understand why we’ve been getting that question. This is the Sugar Bowl, one of the best Bowls and we’re playing a really good team and this is our lead-in game going into the 2019 season.”

On if the two-quarterback situation is a divisive issue on the team

“No I definitely don’t think so. The whole team supports both quarterbacks, and we love both quarterbacks. We want both of them to be successful.”

On how aware he is of quarterback changes in the game

“In the game…actually I remember the first time Justin Fields came in. I hadn’t even noticed that he came in. I didn’t notice until I turned around and looked in the huddle because we were going no huddle at that time and didn’t really notice much of a difference.”

On if the team is actively trying to get Justin Fields out of the transfer portal and to remain at Georgia

“We really try not to focus on that. We support him and whatever decision he makes is best for him and his family but right now we’ve been practicing and working to get better.”

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