Sunday, November 19, 2017

Post Game Quotes

UGA Sports Communications

Georgia Head Coach Kirby Smart 

On the win:

“What a great way for these seniors to go out – winning the SEC East by going undefeated against the East. Our seniors have given us tremendous leadership, and I’m happy and proud of them. Our seniors have set the standard and our young players have bought in. It helps to have such great leadership.”

On running the ball: 

“We want to be able to do that on a consistent basis. We want to throw it too, but those 3- and 4-yard runs wear on people.”

On going undefeated against the SEC East: 

“People don’t understand in the SEC, it’s a challenge every week. There are no easy games. No one can walk out and destroy a team in the first half. You just don’t do that.”

On playing Georgia Tech: 

“Tech has a unique offense that you don’t get to play but once a year. It’s very different and you work on it and you try to simulate it. You have to do your job. And we need to do a good job of controlling the ball on offense. … Our scouts will have to be prepared this week to give us the best picture they can.”

On this week’s schedule: 

“We’ll have more time this week with no school. We’ll meet with them and have walkthroughs and help them prepare. We’ll focus on giving thanks and on preparing for Tech.”

On the Georgia fans: 

“Our fans showed out for our seniors. These guys deserved that and I appreciate our fan base for that. … Recruiting is affected immensely by the atmosphere of home games. We want to be the best we can be. Our job is to put a good product out there.”

Offensive Lineman Ben Cleveland 

On earning his first start at right guard: 

“It was great. There was great competition all week throughout practice; a lot of hard-fought battles, a lot of guys moving around at different positions. It felt real nice to go out here for these seniors tonight in my first start and just leaving it out all on the field.”

On feeling any nerves before the game: 

“I mean I was a little bit nervous, I’m not going to lie, but I knew in the end it was all going to come down to my effort and just doing my assignments.”

On his performance: 

“I think I played pretty well. We’ve been working real hard focusing on communication up front on the offensive line. I think we had probably our best game of communication tonight and that’s what helped us win.”

Outside Linebacker Davin Bellamy 

On earning his first start at right guard: 

“It was great. There was great competition all week throughout practice; a lot of hard-fought battles, a lot of guys moving around at different positions. It felt real nice to go out here for these seniors tonight in my first start and just leaving it out all on the field.”

On Kentucky’s only touchdown, which came on a one-yard Benny Snell, Jr. run in the “wildcat” formation... 

“We practiced that wildcat all week. We knew we had a couple fixes here and there. We kind of held them pretty good in the run game besides those ones they kept bouncing. Once we started fitting those right, everything was cool.”

Punter Cameron Nizialek 

On the punt where he was fouled, drawing a 15-yard penalty and extending the Georgia drive towards the Dawgs’ first touchdown: 

“I knew they were probably bringing a lot of pressure, so I know how to get it off pretty quick. I thought I got off a good punt, but the guy came off the backside edge and I think it was a pretty late hit, so I’m glad we got the penalty.”

On that penalty providing the team with a spark: 

“I think it was a big play. We get a 15-yard penalty and we go in and score a touchdown on that to take the lead. I think it was a big play for the team and I’m glad we got the first down out of that.”

On whether Georgia won the battle of field position: 

“Oh, absolutely. They didn’t have any return yards on me today and I think we had a really big return and they had a touchback [punting], so they didn’t have great net punting today. I’m happy with what we did.”

Kentucky Head Coach Mark Stoops 

On Georgia's overall performance: 

"They put pressure on us all night, in all phases. It's a very physical team, it's very well-coached, and they played like a No.1 team in the country tonight."

On Georgia running backs Nick Chubb and Sony Michel:

"They're exceptional backs, they really are. They're real physical, and they keep you off balance. Dynamic play-makers outside. Really strong, and really good. I have a lot of respect for those two."

On running an offense against Georgia:

"They put a lot pressure on us. We knew we were going to have to throw it on early downs, but a predictable pass, it's tough against them. They get ahead, and they put on a lot of pressure on the way they cover the rush. So that can disrupt any offense."

On the Georgia defense:

"They're long, they're athletic, and good with the rush."

On Jake Fromm's ample time in the pocket:

"He's a good player. They had a lot of time because they do a really nice job of throwing and doubling on early downs as well. It makes them run past, and they protect it, and their linebackers, you have to run up the blocks against them. As you can see, they still rushed the ball for 200 yards."

Quarterback Stephen Johnson 

On tonight’s game: 

“[I’m] sore, pride is a little bit hurt right now. We’re just upset.”

On the pressure from the defense:  

“Yeah they did a lot of things that we knew they were going to do. They’re just really big guys. We saw the same thing against Mississippi State, Florida’s defense as well. You really have to give credit to those guys because they came to play.”

Linebacker Josh Allen

On facing Nick Chubb and Sony Michel:

“You have to tackle. You have to hit them hard. Arm tackles aren’t going to work against them and we did a lot of arm tackling today. We have to work on that a little bit more and get more physical next week.”

Wide Receiver Tavin Richardson 

On Georgia’s defense: 

“[It’s] the same defense as last year. They got better as a unit, playing their assignment, playing their roles better. It was a tough game. At first we thought we had them but they kept scoring and the defense was feeding off the offense and they kept on going.”

On being caught off guard: 

“No they did everything we’ve seen on film from all of the other games we’ve been watching the film. They did the same thing they just played very, very correct. They did their assignment, they knew their assignment, and they kept off the turnovers too.”

Running Back Benny Snell, Jr. 

On the physicality of the defense: 

“They were what we expected them to be. They swarmed to the ball and they’re very similar to Florida. They’re very athletic. They have a good defense. They have a competitive will.”

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