Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Tuesday Press Conference ~ Offense


Coach Mark Richt and a delegation of football players met with the media during the Dawgs’ weekly press luncheon on Tuesday afternoon. They offered the following comments:

Coach Mark Richt

On offensive line coach Will Friend’s impact this season…

“Coach Friend has really been a blessing. He came in and first of all works very well with Coach Bobo and the rest of the offensive staff. He understands team when it comes to the staff and the players. He’s just a very good technician, and he knows what he’s talking about. He’s a good communicator. He’s good at figuring out these guys and what works with them and what doesn’t work with them, as far as motivation. Again, what we looked like in the spring compared to what we look like now, it’s night and day. He’s done a great job. It helps them – the veteran quarterback and some backs and the receivers that can make plays. All of that helps, but if you can’t give the quarterback time and the backs a little room to run, it’s not going to be a good year.”

Quarterback Aaron Murray

On the Georgia Tech game...

"I don't know how you could overlook Georgia Tech. It's a heated rivalry, and there will be trash talking on the field. It's fun. It means so much to everyone on both sides, you can't look past it. I'm excited - I woke up Sunday morning ready to go for this week."

On the offense...

"I feel great about it. Our receivers have stepped up after two major losses [to Michael Bennett and Marlon Brown]. We've had guys continue to step in and fill that void. Chris Conley has been awesome, the tight ends have been awesome, Justin Scott-Wesley had his first touchdown last week. We've got guys stepping up and making plays. It's a credit to how hard everyone has worked to get prepared to play."

On being prepared for Georgia Tech...

"I like the game plan we have going in. Coach Mike Bobo has it ready for us already, which is pretty fast. It gives us time to watch film, also having no school this week with Thanksgiving, so we can dissect their defense and figure out what will work and what I feel comfortable with. I feel good. I'll be ready to go."

Tight End Arthur Lynch

On Georgia Tech...

"No matter what the records are, or what's happening, nothing changes the fact that if we lose them it's a living hell for the next 365 days. It's what fuels me and gets me motivated. If you're not motivated for this game, you probably shouldn't have come to Georgia. You always have to beat Tech."

On not looking ahead...

"Eight weeks ago before our big SEC stretch, Coach Kirk Olivadotti came to us and said that if we want to do these things, win the SEC East, win the conference, everything else, we need to buckle down and take it one game at a time. After South Carolina, especially, we had to take a step back and realize that we can't control our future. This is a one-game season, and we're two days into it. We haven't looked ahead right now. We haven't all season."

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