Saturday, June 20, 2020

Will There Be A Football Season?

There are many hurdles to get over in order to have a season, it's not just the players.

Officials - Many are over 50 and may not accept the risk if strict standards are not put in place to minimize their exposure.

Transportation - Getting the teams moved is a huge undertaking, buses can be quarantined with the team to limit exposure, drivers will have to be tested weekly along with the team, it's going to take more equipment than in years past to move a team.

Hotels - Teams may have to lease an entire hotel to make sure it is cleaned properly, all staff is tested and that no other members of the public are allowed to enter the property.

Meals - Will likely be catered to the hotels but again the question of exposure will dictate that all staff be tested weekly that prepare, transport and serve the food.

Security - Additional security will be needed to assure that the locations used will be secure, security staff will need to be tested weekly along with potential replacements.

Media - Doubtful that there will be any live media contact this year, players and coaches will be interviewed by virtual.

If athletes are required by NCAA to attend classes and not use virtual then all bets are off and there will be no need to test anyone which will result in many becoming infected during the season.

Will there be family contact allowed during the season?

Will the band be allowed on the field before or during halftime or will they even be at the game?

All of this has to be resolved before discussions about fans in the stands even takes place.

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