Monday, August 22, 2011

Monday Practice Report


The 19th-ranked Dawgs continued preparations for the 2011 season opener with a two-hour practice on Monday at the Woodruff Practice Fields.

According to Coach Mark Richt, the full-pads session was “kind of a pretty long fundamental practice.”

“I see certain guys really fighting through the monotony of it,” Richt said. “It’s the time of camp where the guys want to play an opponent. Some guys have done a better job of being mature enough to fight through being tired, sore, bored, whatever it is, to get better. A few guys still need to learn that. It wasn’t an awful practice by any means, but it was not as good as some.

“We’ll watch the films and talk to the guys about fighting through it. Overall, we got done what we needed to get done. We got it on film, and we’ll teach from it. We got some value out of it.” Richt then quickly added, “We as coaches want to play a game, too.”

The Dawgs will practice in shorts on Tuesday and then will have a practice game against scouts assuming the roles of Boise State players.

“The practice game will liven things up,” Richt said. “We’re beginning to spend time with the scouts and have a steady installation of the plan.”

Richt said receiver Marlon Brown “tweaked” his ankle on Saturday and did not practice on Monday. Said Richt, “We don’t think it’s anything real serious.”

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